Here at Kool Kidz Kutz, we sell a range of different products,


Normal Shampoo – For any hair type, gently removes any dirt and cleanses the hair. £8.95

Clarifying Shampoo – Removes any impurities and chlorine from the hair & very gentle for the little ones. £8.95

Repelling Shampoo (With Free Nit Comb) – Prevents and stops any head lice £9.50

Tearless Shampoo Cherry/Strawberry – Helps with De-tangling the hair with an amazing Scent £7.00


Normal Conditioner – Brilliant on any hair type to help soften and condition hair. £8.95

Leave in Conditioner – DE-tangles, softens with a peachy scent. Available in Pink, Gold and White!! £8.95

Conditioning Mask – intense conditioning treatment, great for all hair types. £11.45

Repelling Conditioner – Prevents head lice and softens the hair £8.95


Curl Control Creme – Helps to make curls more manageable, and enhancing the curls you already have. £8.95

Glossing Serum – Adds shine and smoothness to any hair. £8.95

Wax – Soft hold, great for a everyday styling tool. £10.50

Fibre Creme – Medium flexible hold, adds texture, can re-work back into the hair. £10.50

Gel – Firm hold, Excellent light fragrance. £10.50

Matte Clay – Firm hold, Dry look. £10.50



We Have Some Bows & Scrunchies Available, Prices start from £2.50, Take A Look At Some Below!

Get Your Hands On Some Of Our New Tangle Teezers In salon Now! Designs are down below.

Prices From £10.99